hey my name is Brian, and i just recently graduated from Brown. my tumblr consists of good tv shows, good music, and occasionally me whining about life. say hi!




I’m not sure you understand.  I want this playing whenever I enter a room.


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honestly this is what i’m looking for in a relationship


honestly this is what i’m looking for in a relationship

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this season of true blood reminds me of trapped in the closet. it takes itself so seriously when it talks about a stupid STD (hep v) and then a vampire couple breaks up because the guy cheats on her with a black dude and then out of nowhere it’s just like OH SHIT THE YAKUZA like it’s so random and shit but i love it i’m just waiting for a midget to jump out of a cupboard

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craig chill out man


craig chill out man

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A Guide to Making your own Italian Sausage (x) (gifs by leprinceofsins)

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Why don’t you just go naked? I won’t feel weird.

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tread softly, because you tread on my memes

i can’t believe how embarrassed to have printed that word combination i would be in hindsight if i were richard dawkins


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Anonymous asked: So, I was going to follow you, however, I saw your post with the screenshot of the Grindr chat. Your one of those assholes who doesn't block or let someone know that your not interested and then get all bent out of shape when you get multiple messages from the same person. Well, just FYI some people are OCD and frequently delete chats and do not remember who've they contacted. Do us all a favor and type two words next time: not interested.


but if you’re all OCD and frequently delete chats then wouldn’t you delete my message where i say “not interested”????? and then you will message me again anyway???????????? 

so last night when i got this message i figured i’d try it, why not. so i replied to one guy like that and

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also just like i have literally used grindr for like 5 years and have NOT ONCe gotten a reply saying “sorry, not interested” but i have been ignored hundreds of times why is this anon trying to break the status quo