hey my name is Brian, and i just recently graduated from Brown. my tumblr consists of good tv shows, good music, and occasionally me whining about life. say hi!



theroadsdontloveyou asked: your butt is so nice omg. (in case you were lying)

oh don’t worry, i wasn’t lying. i’ve had many people tell me i had a great butt. but thanks!

theroadsdontloveyou asked: 5, 47, 69!

oh you like 69 don’t you.

5. What were you doing at 11PM last night?

*goes through text message history to see if i can use that to remember* oh literally i was just sitting here texting one person and facebook chatting with another. not too interesting 

47. Honestly, what’s on your mind right now?

honestly…i’d rather not say publicly. a whole bunch of things. weird emotions. unease, uncertainty, but not really unhappy.

69. Do you collect anything?

not really. i mean i have a ton of pokemon cards and literally like 75 beanie babies in cases on shelves around my bedroom because i am SO COOL but i don’t currently collect anything.

theroadsdontloveyou asked: fine!! 35, 49, and 100 (hope those were not asked..)

haha i mean you didn’t have to…you seem angry. but none of them were asked!

35. Agree with “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?”

hmmmmm. i mean it’s hard to disagree with the code of hammurabi. and also i guess i agree with treat others how you’d like to be treated and i feel like this is similar just…the opposite. but i mean from like a practical sense i don’t agree with it i guess? idk two wrongs don’t make a right! this was a hard question. and i just answered it with a bunch of cliches sorry.

49. Preference in boyfriend/girlfriend: Quiet stay-at-home type OR party type?

neither…i want someone who sometimes wants to party and sometimes wants to quietly stay at home. i mean i guess lean towards party because i’d hate if i had like an actual party that i was invited to go to and then my significant other was just like “nah sorry babe i’d rather stay in and read” so i want someone who’s always WILLING to go out but not always needing to go out.¬†

100. What makes you a bad person in your mind?

eesh a LOT. SO MUCH. i don’t really want to rant about it. but i will! i just tend to judge people really quickly and form negative impressions of them and i get jealous easily and i hate everyone easily and im lazy and im really smart and going to a great school but i’m not taking advantage of it and in the end im just gonna be a waste of potential because im not doing anything with my time when i could possibly be doing great things but i get more enjoyment out of just watching tv….

theroadsdontloveyou asked: don't know if i'm supposed to ask more than one, but 34!

you could’ve asked more!!

34. Do you believe people deserve second chances?

i guess it’s not so much that i think they deserve second chances, but i think i would always give a second chance, even though they might not deserve it. because obviously i’m just such an awesome person

theroadsdontloveyou asked: how are you spending your TMI tuesday night???

lol currently watching a baseball game and eating a shit ton of candy. wooo!! and then i will continue to eat candy all night long.